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LED Light Therapy Red Light Therapy & Blue Light Therapy - PDT, Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Treatment

How is LED light therapy different from laser treatment?

Led Light Therapy Led Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment using non invasive, non ablative Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and Infrared light treatment for anti aging skin care, facial wrinkles, acne treatment, body treatments and more. LED is a safer, more effective and affordable alternative to laser treatment. And Blue and Red light can both be used to activate PDT (photodynamic therapy).

Although laser treatments are capable of treating some of the same skin conditions as LED light therapy - such as facial wrinkles, acne scars and body treatments - unlike LED, lasers can be painful and invasive, and are limited to successfully treating only specific skin types. Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and Infrared light therapy also make it possible to treat large areas within a relatively short period of time - difficult to do with laser treatment.

Laser treatment also has a high heat-emitting property that often damage viable tissue. With a laser, it can be difficult to achieve uniform irradiation of the skin. In contrast, LED light therapy enables uniform irradiation and has a low heat-emitting property. Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and Infrared light therapy provide safe, effective treatments for:

Additionally, a laser treatment is more expensive than light therapy and often has a long recovery period. For details on LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation - from an acne treatment, to anti aging skin care, to Blue and Red light therapy for PDT - contact LIGHTWAVE Technologies today.

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