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LIGHTWAVE’s most advanced professional grade LT system, the DELUXE ELITE™ is one the most sophisticated and versatile light therapy systems available. Our technology has received multiple FDA clearances, back by significant scientific data, years of field service and a commitment to excellence.

The DELUXE ELITE™ series is capable of utilizing over 4000 powerful non-invasive LEDs of proven Red (630nm), Infrared (880nm) and Blue (450nm) wavelengths without changing heads. Our multi-wavelength platform system makes it possible to address a variety of skin conditions ranging from fine lines, discoloration, flaccid skin, and dermal repair to acne and PDT treatments.

The LED panel is mounted on a fully articulating arm, making it simple for adjustment and placement. It is completely hands free during operation and requires minimal user interaction; insuring proper exposure during each and every treatment.

The main control unit is equipped with a large LCD screen, control panel, software and 3 device sockets for expandability. The user interface and software are simple to operate and offer several preset protocols, as well as customizable protocols, to take the guess work out of each and every treatment. The 3 sockets design allows the user to attach up to 3 LED accessories to treat multiple areas and skin concerns simultaneously.

All of LIGHTWAVE’s LED systems are extremely durable, built to medical grade standards and utilizes the highest quality commercial components available; which will offer many years of reliable service. Additionally, our modular design allows for painless service and upgrades, so you won’t be left with obsolete equipment.

DELUXE ELITE System Includes:

  • ELITE Main Unit with 3 Sockets
  • Tri-Color LED Panel w/ 2880 LEDs:
  • 720 Red/720 Infrared/1440 Blue
  • Mobile Workstation
  • LED Panel Arm
  • Fully Articulating Arm - 24" Extension
  • 2 Trays
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Express Loan/Replacement
  • ABI Dermaceuticals Kit
  • Marketing Support
  • Made in the USA


Main Unit and Panel (Blue)               LED_Panel_Blue

System Specs & Details:

  • Light Source: 4080 SL SMT LEDs
  • Custom & Preset Settings
  • Pulse: CW & Variable
  • Energy: 1 - 248 joules
  • Coverage: up to 1668 cm2
  • Power In: AC 110v or 220v
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Size: 56 in (h) x 24 in (w)
  • Color: White, Gray and Black

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